Error: DBD::mysql::db failed: Table ‘./eximstats/failures’ – Fix

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If you have received the following database error in your WHM control panel, you can follow below steps to resolve the error.

Error from delivery reporter: DBD::mysql::db selectall_arrayref failed: Table './eximstats/failures' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

Note :- Do ensure that you have the backup of all the necessary databases

Try to run below command

mysqlcheck --repair eximstats

If you get below error as an output, the ‘failures’ table within eximstats is corrupted

eximstats.defers OK eximstats.failures error : Can't create new tempfile: './eximstats/failures.TMD' status : Operation failed

It’s unable to be repaired. So, you will run below commands from MySQL prompt to recreate it.

mysql use eximstats;
drop table failures;

and run


If you want to clear the other databases out, you can run below commands from MySQL prompt after the above steps.

Note :- The process will wipe out existing eximstats if you plan on using it for Mail Reports so keep that in mind

mysql use eximstats;

That’s it 🙂

Please check the issue and let me know the result 🙂


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