How to delist your IP from Major ISPs Spam blacklist

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Remember to validate your email, ensure your server is not transmitting spam, and complete the appropriate Blacklist Removal Form.

  • Gmail Blacklist Removal procedure :-

If you have resolved the delivery and email authentication problems, Gmail will often remove your IP from their blacklist in 3-5 days.

After five days, if you cannot send mail to Gmail, you may need to contact Gmail support by filling out their Gmail Blacklist Removal Form.

  • Hotmail/Outlook/ Blacklist Removal procedure :-

Microsoft’s email service includes,, and domains. So, you can use their Blacklist Removal Form to remove your server’s IP from Hotmail/Outlook/’s Blacklist.

  • Office 365 Blacklist Removal procedure :-

If you try to send an email to an Office 365 email account that is rejected due to your sending IP address, you can use their Blacklist Removal Form to request delisting.

  • Yahoo Blacklist Removal procedure :-

Yahoo uses Spamhaus to remove IP addresses from blacklists. As a result, you must ensure that your IP address is not included in Spamhaus. Before contacting Yahoo, you must first request to have your IP removed from Spamhaus if it is listed there. Your email to Yahoo! will start working once your IP address is removed from Spamhuas.

If you are not a bulk sender, you can submit a delisting request via the Yahoo Bulk Sender Form.

  • AT&T’s Blacklist Removal procedure :-

If you cannot send emails to AT&T, SBC Global or other AT&T related email servers, your server may have been blacklisted. You must email, as you would to remove the block if your IP is not included on any blacklists. You may learn more about our postmaster by clicking here.

  • Spamhaus Blocklist (SBL) Removal procedure :-

You can use Spamhaus Blacklist Check to see if your IP address is on the Spamhaus blacklist. The Spamhaus Blacklist Removal Form can be used to seek delisting if your IP address is listed.

  • (GoDaddy) Blacklist Removal procedure :-

If your IP is blacklisted on GoDaddy’s, you can submit delist request to Godaddy by filling out this IP Address Unblock Request form.

  • Barracuda Blacklist Removal procedure :-

You can use Barracuda Blacklist check to confirm your IP is on their blocklist. If your IP is on their list, you must fill out Barracuda Blacklist Removal Form to submit a delist request.

  • SpamCop Blacklist Removal procedure :-

SpamCop will automatically remove the IP address of your server from their blocklist if there are no new spam reports. You may verify if your IP is blocked with the SpamCop Blacklist Checker. If your IP address is on their list, tick the appropriate box on the form after looking up your IP address and submitting the SpamCop Blacklist Removal Form to get your IP removed.

  • CBL (Composite Blocking List) Blacklist Removal procedure :-

You can use the CBL lookup to see if your IP is on the CBL blocklist. The CBL will give you an automated removal link to continue if your IP is on the list, but only if your IP has stopped sending spam. Your IP address can only be removed if it has been listed appropriately in the previous 24 hours. You must address the spam issue before your IP gets removed from the CBL. Once the problem has been resolved, you must submit the form for blacklist removal for your IP to be removed.

  • Exploits Block List (XBL) Removal procedure :-

You must use Spamhaus Blacklist Check to validate your IP address in the XBL blocklist. The Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Centre can provide more information on the removal procedure if your IP address is on the XBL list.

  • Passive Spam Block List (PSBL) removal procedure :-

You must run a Passive Spam Block List check to confirm your IP is on the PSBL blacklist. If your IP is on the list, you will need to submit your IP in the PSBL removal form, and your IP will be removed. Please note that other systems may take 24-48 hours to reflect the change.


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