How to install M2E Pro extension via uploading ZIP file for Magento 2

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M2E Pro fully integrates Magento backend with eBay, Amazon & Rakuten marketplaces. Merchants retain full ownership over their own data and nothing is stored off-site. The value of M2E Pro technology comes from the high level of customization and task automation. The ability to manage orders, maintain various pricing strategies and keep inventory across multiple channels in full sync are some of the benefits which M2E Pro delivers out of the box.

Before you start the installation process, you should check a few aspects to prevent any further issues:

  • Disable Compilation option in your Magento if it was enabled;
  • Ensure that you have full write permissions to all files and folders of your Magento;
  • Check the configurations of your server to ensure that it has a Max execution time value set to 360 seconds or more and Memory Limit value set to at least 256 MB (512 MB preferable).

Then you should follow these steps to run the initial M2E Pro installation manually:

  • You should download the latest version of the M2E Pro from here.
  • Unpack it to the core of your Magento;
  • You should execute the command following the pattern                                           php    magento2_installation_dir/bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • To make the module work properly, it is necessary to deploy static content data. Please, check here to learn how it can be done.
  • For the Production Mode of Magento it is strongly recommended to run the command following the pattern path_to_your_magento/bin/magento setup:di:compile to increase the working speed of the Magento after the installation.

Please note, the Extension(s) installed in the way described above will not be available in System > Web Setup Wizard > Component Manager section of your Magento.

Moreover, you can find the Module on

That’s it 🙂  You’ve successfully installed your M2E Pro.


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