To configure email for Iphone

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Please follow the instructions below on your email setup:

1. Tap “Settings”
2. Tap “Mail”
3. Tap “Add Account…”
4. Tap “Other”
5. Tap “POP”

6. Enter this Information in the screen

Name: your Name
Description: description of the mail account

-Incoming Mail Server-

Host Name:
User Name:
Password: Your mail password

-Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)-

Host Name:
User Name:
Password: Your mail password

7. Tap “Save”

8. Back at the main screen repeat steps 1 and 2.

9. Click on your new Mail account (ex. Mydomain email) (should appear
above “Add Account…”)

10. Scroll down and Tap “Advanced”

11. Use the following options:

-Incoming Settings-
Use SSL: Off
Authentication: Password
Delete from Server: Never
Server Port: 110

-Outgoing Settings-
Use SSL: Off
Authentication: Password
Server Port: 587
* Then, type in your complete email address and password.
Password: your email password


12. Save the settings and you should be all set to start receiving/sending


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